Saturday, 16 September 2017

Soaring Sand City

After a day of rain, Sand City was on! And at a reasonably manageable level for Andrew and I. I had a bit of struggle launching and landing in the higher winds required for coastal soaring on the dunes but didn't get dragged too badly like I did the first time we were there a couple years ago with much less experience under our belts.

Our friend Craig, who lives about three hours away from here, joined us. He flies here a lot so is our local expert. He got this great photo of Andrew and I together in the air.

The next day was sunnier but windier and much rougher in the air. Andrew and I chose not to fly but watched Craig for a while and touched down a few times to chat with us.  Or, as in the photo below, he just hung out for a bit! I told him I wanted to be able to kite like him when I grew up but, as he pointed out, there's always someone with skills better that you want to emulate, no matter what level you get to. So true!

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