Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Tandem Thermalling

I struggle with knowing how to thermal properly. At least that's what I tell myself even though I've had lots of explanations and coaching on it. Truthfully, I just really don't like it very much. It can be scary! (Ya, ya, ya, I can hear all the smart-assed remarks from some of you reading this!) 

Regardless, I decided to do a tandem flight with Dilan (our SIV instructor from Let Fly Paragliding) and, while I learned a lot from him and now know what it feels like to thermal efficiently (it's not nearly as bumpy when you actually have the skill to stay in the thermal!) I have to admit to myself that it's just going to take much more practice, pushing myself a bit more, and not running away when it starts to get uncomfortable. 

As Dilan pointed out, a few bumpy thermals is way less "exciting" that the maneuvers we did on the SIV course. I say, "But that's different!" And both of us are right. 

My goal for the next flights is forcing myself to thermal a little more and a little more each time. Eventually, the comfort and confidence will come. I hope! 
Off launch, we thermalled up and got high enough to do some cross country. We followed this main ridge for a while, getting additional thermals and height off some of the side ridges.
Flying tandem with Dilan.
View of the coastline south of Santa Barbara.
And then we headed to the beach! (About 20 km from launch.)
Looking down at our LZ at Padero Beach.

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