Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Diving in Loreto

Loreto is one of our favourite places to dive. One could say our most favourite place since we've been back here many more times than anywhere else. (We think this is our 6th or 7th visit!)

The town itself is big enough to have some nice restaurants and coffee shops but not big enough to be overly touristy. Although tourism is one of their main industries and, sadly, tourism is down in recent years. I'm sure the recent travel advisories from both US and Canadian governments, recommending no non-essential travel in the northern part of Baja or the southern city of Cabo San Lucas, hasn't helped. It even gave Andrew and I pause this time and we changed our driving plans and flew from LA to Loreto instead. (In the end, we were pretty happy about that given the additional paragliding we did while in Santa Barbara.) 

The other thing that attracts us to Loreto is Dolphin Dive and their long-time dive master, Rafael. He's a local and knows pretty much everything there is in the ocean here. We are always impressed, after all these years, by his little-boy's enthusiasm for diving, the ocean creatures and his commitment to preserving this environment. 

We've had a great couple first days! I've gotten a bit of under water video (which is never spectacular) but Andrew's got a some great photos already. 

Early morning, en route to the dive shop. From the place we're staying we walked down a pedestrian street . . . 
. . . and along the malecon and then a half block up another side street.
The harbour is quiet in the morning other than the pelicans and seagulls.
En route to diving! Loreto and the mountains in the background.
Great blue heron.
The always humorous, but smelly, sea lions. And video of dolphins below.

A stop at the beach on Coronado Island
I forgot to take the underwater filter off my GoPro for this shot but liked the odd colors it produced.

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