Sunday, 1 October 2017

More of Santa Barbara

With all the great paragliding the past week, we didn't get a chance to go to some of our favourite places in Santa Barbara. We didn't even get to the zoo. Shocking, I know! (Rated one of America's best small zoos, it's really good and we love going there.) 

We always enjoy walking along the water and going to some of the parks. And normally we'd get out to some of the local wineries but this time it was just a couple of the tasting rooms. 
Morning fog rolling in over the palm trees; and a lovely reflection in the still water. 
Bright morning sunrise over Stearn's Wharf.
Mermaid momma and her baby.
An island lighthouse.
We really like the Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden located not far from downtown. It has a beautiful pond full of koi, ducks and turtles (I don't think I've ever seen so many turtles in one place before!), and a variety of plants and beautiful flowers. 

Just a few of the many turtles.
Jaffurs Wine Cellar

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