Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Views From the Water

Not only are the views below the water beautiful, so are the views above the water. 

I love the variety of colors and layers in these rock cliffs along the coast north of Loreto.

Unique rock formations rising out of the water. This was one of our dive sites. 

Arroyo Blanca - a great location to drop off snorkelers while we dive nearby and then wander and take photos between dives.

Trying to get decent photos of birds is always a challenge! We love seeing the blue footed booby.

Sea lions doing temperature control . . . 

It's a game to figure out what you can see in the rocks. This one looks like a monkey face. The closeup shows the birds on the nose of the monkey. 

Links to videos of diving and ocean life around Loreto that I did this trip:

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