Sunday, 22 November 2015

Baja - Scuba Diving Videos

For Christmas last year, Andrew gave me a GoPro (Hero 4 Silver Edition). Since then I've been making videos like crazy! It's a lot of work but fun at the same time. With diving, it's fun to be able to show people how the sea life moves in addition to showing them Andrew's photos.

I try to keep all the videos around 2 minutes or less to avoid boring anyone. Our attention spans (mine included) are so short these days!

We started our dive holiday in Loreto.

Loreto Sea Lion (:21) - A few sea lions dove down to check us out but didn't stay long. Sadly, the sea lion and dolphin population has decreased the past few years. Rafael thinks it's due to disease of some sort.

Cliff Jumping at Carmen Island (1:08) - Another diver, Sarah, was quite a character. She was in Loreto with her uncle. She convinced Rafael and her uncle to jump off a cliff into the water.

Guitarfish in the Baja (:26) - It's not very often that you see a guitarfish so I did a separate video just for him.

Diving Loreto (2:15) - Some of the other sea life we saw while diving around Loreto.

Next, we moved on to La Paz and did a 3-day, 2-night dive/camping trip. We got three dives per day as well as a night dive.

Sea Lions Just Wanna Have Fun (2:17) - The sea lions here were much more playful than the ones at Loreto! So humorous!

Mobulas (:36) - The night dive was to see the mobulas. A bit "gimmicky" with a big light put in the water to attract the plankton which in turn attract the mobulas, but still fun to see.

Fang Ming Wreck (1:45) - Lots of interesting sea life around this wreck as well as a resident turtle.

Diving La Paz (2:09) - Some of the other sea life we saw while diving around La Paz.

Lastly, we headed to Cabo Pulmo. We were scheduled to dive six days but, due to high winds, only got in four days. I would say this area had the clearest water of all the three locations so video is a bit better.

Jewel Moray Eel (:46) - Usually the eels are just sticking their heads out of some hidey hole but I loved watching these ones out and about amongst the fishing nets of a wreck.

Diving Cabo Pulmo (2:19) - Some of the other sea life we saw while diving at Cabo Pulmo. Love the sting ray at the beginning of the video and some of the fish that let me get so close to them.

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