Saturday, 7 November 2015

Loreto Under Water

I started the week in Loreto with 158 dives under my belt. Because we only dive once or twice a year, I usually spend the first dive or two flailing away like I’m a total newbie until I get comfortable and figure out my buoyancy again.

But this time, I was fine the very first dive! Maybe because it’s also the first time using a camera (GoPro) underwater so I had that to concentrate on instead.

It’s also the first time that I consistently used less air than Andrew. Progress, for sure! I didn’t have to resort to making sure I didn’t go as deep in order to end up with the same or at least close to the same amount of air by the end of the dive.

The GoPro does a reasonable job with video, even in deep water. I took a lot of photos the first few dives and only saved a few of them. It really only worked well in the shallower water where there was lots of light, and on subjects like starfish that don’t move too fast.

The videos aren’t stellar (to be posted in near future). The visibility wasn’t great on a few of the dives and I need to figure out how to hold the camera a bit steadier. Oh well, it’s fun to try it out and see what I can produce with it. Hopefully I get better with practice! 

Scorpion Fish

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