Saturday, 21 November 2015

Cabo Pulmo

From La Paz, we headed to San Jose Del Cabo where we had arranged for transportation out to Cabo Pulmo.

Cabo Pulmo is a 1 ½ hour drive north inland and then south along the coast. The last several miles are on an unpaved, bumpy and sandy road. This helps to keep it off the “beaten path.” The town is very small, essentially just the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort with about 30 small bungalows (most of them privately owned and rented out), along with several other privately owned properties and five restaurants.

While it got busy on the weekend with people coming out from Cabo San Lucas for the weekend (diving and snorkeling are the main attractions), it was otherwise very quiet.

We were fortunate in our timing as the wind had been very strong and there had been no diving for the three days before we got there. It was still very rough on the water our first two days of diving but the second two were better before the winds came again and diving was cancelled.
Our little bungalow - Andrew mastering the technique of getting comfortable in a hammock.

Lovely bougainvillea.
Despite how close Loreto, La Paz and Cabo Pulmo are to each other, the diving is quite different and we saw different things in each place. One thing that was constant though was the sheer number of fish in each location. Which is a great indicator of the perseverance of the people who are trying to protect the areas from over-fishing and other environmental concerns. 

Cabo Pulmo National Park in particular is very strict with their rules for diving and other water sports and, along with locals and non-locals alike, have managed to fight off several attempts to establish huge resorts in the area. 

The Park also does not allow for docks to be built so getting the dive boats in and out of the water was an interesting procedure! 
Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort - office, dive shop and restaurant
A windy day - no diving.

With 29 dives in three weeks, we weren’t too disappointed that our final two days of diving were cancelled due to high winds. We headed back to San Jose Del Cabo and enjoyed some extra time there.
We enjoyed these humorous paintings on some of the buildings. 

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