Friday, 20 November 2015

Boat Launching 101 at Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is a National Marine Park that is heavily regulated. Both locals and non-locals alike have worked extremely hard to keep this area protected and preserved. They continuously fight off the advances of mega resort operations who want to come in and take over. Keep your fingers crossed that never happens in this beautiful remote area!

No docks are allowed to be built in the park so getting the dive boats in and out of the water is quite an operation that has obviously been rehearsed many times! Here's how it goes:

Drive the truck and boat, on a trailer, down to the beach.

Take the pieces of rebar out of the hitch at the front and drop it on the ground.

Attach another hitch, with a very long pole at the front, to the back the trailer.

Drive the truck around to the back of the boat; re-hitch the trailer; back the trailer up to the water's edge.

Load the divers in the boat.

Back the trailer into the water.

Drive the boat off the trailer.

To reverse the process:

Have the divers jump off the boat and walk to shore.

Push the trailer into the water.

Drive the boat onto the trailer.

Tie boat onto the trailer. 

Drag tow rope into the water.

Drive boat, with trailer attached, around so that rope can be hooked onto boat.

Pull boat out of the water with truck.

Re-attach regular hitch to front of boat and haul boat back to the dive shop.

Voila! Done!

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