Saturday, 21 November 2015

San Jose Del Cabo

With our diving in Cabo Pulmo cut short due to high winds, we had a couple extra days to enjoy San Jose Del Cabo. Returning to San Jose turned out to be quite easy and we definitely lucked out! The transportation company, TransCabo, was able to immediately come and get us. And then when we just showed up at Casa Natalia they gave us the same great rate we'd gotten when I booked ages ago (about $100+ less than present rate) AND they upgraded us! Sweet! :-) 
Flower display on the bed in our room at Casa Natalia.
Our own private little balcony.
San Jose is the “old town,” a more historic and laid back area compared to the newer, commercialized and highly tourist-focused Cabo San Lucas.

We toured the art district and came upon a gallery that featured several Canadian artists, including Saskatchewan’s Denyse Klette. I recognized her work immediately from seeing it at the annual Sun Dog Arts & Crafts Fair. 

We went for a walk through the Estuary. Unfortunately the paved paths are a bit worse for wear (but starting to be repaired) due to the hurricane last year and even some of the non-paved paths were under water due to heavy rain this year. It was wonderful to see so much bird life though . . . ducks, geese, egrets, ibis and a blue heron. 
Repairs are being done on this section of path ruined by the hurricane last year. 

We rented a car for a day and went out to Flora Farms. They are well known for their restaurant (fresh, local, organic food from their garden and ranch). Supper was so good that we went back the next day for lunch before we had to return the car.
Overlooking some of the gardens at Flora Farms
The Wirikuta Cactus Garden is a regular stop for us and now includes a sculpture garden. As seems to be common with sculptures . . . some of them were a bit strange. To my way of thinking at any rate!

Humorously, a group of cows wandered through and went straight to the pond to have a drink.

The nursery at the Cactus Garden has several hundred species of cactus.

We also had some really tasty meals while in San Jose Del Cabo. The Tasting Room (formerly known as Casianos) and Don Sanchez were both excellent. While certainly far more expensive than more, the quality was worth it. We also enjoyed our usual favourites, the French Riviera bakery and Cafe Calafia. 

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